Minicars (SE/DE): "Without Ongoing, it would have been very difficult to grow as much as we have."

Minicar uses Ongoing WMS.

Minicars is one of Europe's largest distributors of radio-controlled hobby products, with an extensive range that includes radio-controlled cars, airplanes, boats, drones, and all spare parts and accessories. They have their headquarters and warehouse in Enköping and a service center and warehouse in Germany. The company was founded in 1968 and is still run by the founder, Per Gustafsson, along with his sons, Olof Svedbom and Henrik Gustafsson. Minicars sells exclusively to retailers and is a pure B2B business.

Company: Minicars, Sweden & Germany

Business: RC Hobby B2B Distribution

Why Ongoing WMS?: "We need a warehouse management system that we can grow with and that has ready-made integrations with Weland's vertical storage lifts, our business system, and nShift. We also value Ongoing's business model and support system, which are very efficient and good. We hoped that Ongoing would help us scale up our business, and a few years later, we can only conclude that without Ongoing, it would have been very difficult to grow as much as we have."

How the Product is Used: "We use Ongoing WMS for everything related to the physical warehouse. That is, inbound deliveries, outbound deliveries, inventories, picking, and packing. In addition, we can create customs reports and documentation for packaging reporting, etc. We have about 17,000 active items and four vertical storage lifts."

The Biggest Advantages/Benefits: "Superb support! It's easy to get caught up in system specifications when choosing a system supplier, but the long-term partnership and personal chemistry are just as important. Together with Ongoing, we have gone from a warehouse working at its breaking point to one that can handle double the volume compared to before with the same number of employees."

Collaboration with Ongoing: "We are very grateful to have Tianfu [Yun] as our contact person. He knows Ongoing WMS very well and has a great ability to understand and help solve the problems we have had during the implementation process and afterwards."

Additional comments: "Overall, we are very satisfied with Ongoing and highly recommend other companies in similar situations to explore collaboration opportunities."

Contact: Olof Svedbom, CIO

Published: 2024-04-03