Ongoing Earns its 5th DI Gasell Award

Ongoing receives the DI Gasell award 2023

Ongoing celebrates its remarkable 5th DI Gasell Award Win for 2023, underscoring its status as a leading Swedish business and the team's dedication to excellence.

We are proud to announce that Ongoing has been honored with the DI Gasell Award for 2023, making this the fifth time the company has earned this thought-after distinction. Since our establishment in 2008, we have been granted the DI Gasell in 2014, 2018, 2019, and 2020 which further solidified our position as a top-tier business in Sweden.

The DI Gasell Award is presented by Dagens Industri, Sweden's leading financial newspaper, and highlights the country's fastest-growing and most financially strong enterprises. Given that only a few hundred companies earn this distinction each year, the DI Gasell is a testament to exceptional achievement in the Swedish business world.

The consistent recognition of Ongoing underlines our relentless commitment, passion, and excellence. This repeated win not only serves as a reflection of our company's growth and strong financial standing, but more importantly, the dedication and exceptional contributions of our team members.

Published: 2023-10-16

ReuseIT uses Ongoing WMS

ReuseIT Makes Green Business Seamless with Ongoing WMS

ReuseIT setting new standards in sustainability and operational efficiency with seamless integrations and robust capabilities of Ongoing WMS.

In an age where sustainable business practices are becoming the norm rather than the exception, companies like ReuseIT Sweden AB are setting the bar high. With a business model centered around buying and selling both new and used IT equipment, ReuseIT commits to quality and environmental responsibility. Headquartered in Gothenburg and Växjö, Sweden, the company serves clients across the Nordic countries and Europe. In an interview with Pierre Bågenholm, Operations Manager at ReuseIT, we got to discover how Ongoing WMS has enhanced their operations while aligning with their core values.

Key Factors for Choosing Ongoing WMS

When initially asked why ReuseIT opted for Ongoing WMS, Pierre Bågenholm was quick to mention the system's robust reliability. "We needed a system that guarantees zero downtime and can accommodate a wide range of web solutions," he explained. "Accessibility to support was also crucial; we've even received assistance on Sundays from our Ongoing representative. The system's scalability was another key factor in our decision, making Ongoing the obvious choice."

Seamless Integration and Enhanced Efficiency

Ongoing WMS is not just a stand-alone solution for ReuseIT. It's fully integrated with the Fortnox Business System and nShift's Delivery Management, offering comprehensive order and inventory management capabilities. "We've also linked it to our custom production system through Ongoing's versatile API connections," Bågenholm added. This level of integration ensures that all aspects of the business operate smoothly and efficiently, fulfilling ReuseIT’s commitment to quality and environmental stewardship.

One of the most compelling benefits of implementing Ongoing WMS has been the significant time savings. "We have gained full control over our entire inventory, resulting in a 3-4 hour reduction in daily handling time for orders and inventory management," Bågenholm elaborated. The system’s customizable and user-friendly interfaces have also made a positive impact, offering clear insights into material inflows and outflows, thereby simplifying day-to-day operations.

Effective Collaboration and Mutual Respect

Discussing the collaboration with Ongoing and specifically his customer representative, Gustav Pettersson, he is more than pleased. "Our collaboration with our dedicated software developer and contact at Ongoing has been extremely effective, characterized by quick responses and action times," Bågenholm praised. "Whenever possible, new, customized features have been implemented to our great satisfaction," he added, underscoring the adaptability and customer-focused approach of Ongoing.

Gustav also weighed in on the collaboration, saying, "ReuseIT is one of the largest clients I've personally onboarded, so there's a sense of pride I carry with me because of that. I've been working with them from the start, and they were one of my very first clients when I began working at Ongoing two years ago." He further elaborated on the partnership, adding, "I really enjoy working with Pierre. He's super friendly and a fun guy to talk to. He's one of those clients where you feel like you're building a relationship, rather than just ticking off tasks and answering questions."

A Testament to Sustainable Innovation

In closing, Pierre Bågenholm wholeheartedly endorsed Ongoing WMS, stating, "We highly recommend Ongoing WMS to anyone seeking a robust, flexible, and user-friendly Warehouse Management System for their business."

In all, the union of Ongoing WMS and ReuseIT serves as a prime example of how technology can be harnessed to not just increase efficiency but to also champion sustainability—a cornerstone of ReuseIT’s business philosophy.

Published: 2023-11-02

3PLogistiikka uses Ongoing WMS

Optimizing 3PL Logistics: 3PLogistiikka's Adoption of Ongoing WMS

3PLogistiikka, a logistics powerhouse in Finland and Estonia and led by their CEO Jussi Örn, illustrates how Ongoing WMS has become an integral part of their operations.

In the dynamic world of e-commerce and logistics, companies often find themselves at crossroads, choosing between systems and strategies to deliver optimal services. Leading the pack in Finland is 3PLogistiikka with their CEO Jussi Örn in charge. In a recent interview, he shared insights into their journey and the key role Ongoing WMS plays in their operations.

Örn introduces the operational scope of 3PLogistiikka, highlighting, "We are strong in fulfillment services for import, commerce, and eCommerce. 3PLogistiikka houses warehouse facilities in 9 locations and in total, we employ more than 100 warehouse workers in Finland and Estonia." The company has established itself as the fastest-growing logistics operator in its sector in Finland, leveraging strategic acquisitions and a focus on optimizing the complete supply chain through data sharing with their customers – the goods owners.

WMS Selection and Implementation

Choosing a powerful, reliable, and integrative warehouse management system was essential in enhancing 3PLogistiikkas’s operational capabilities. Örn outlines the decision-making process, explaining, "3PLogistiikka has former experience with numerous warehouse management systems and chose Ongoing WMS after a broad comparison between different systems. Of the compared systems, Ongoing had the best ecosystem of ready-made integrations and being a reliable true cloud-based software."

The implementation of Ongoing WMS within 3PLogistiikka was comprehensive, encompassing various operational facets. Örn details how the system is used today, "Ongoing is used at workstations, handheld devices, and tablets. 3PLogistiikka is currently investing in picking automation which is integrated with Ongoing." This facilitates a seamless, efficient, and technologically harmonized workflow throughout their warehouses.

Highlighting the tangible benefits, Jussi provides insights into the system's capabilities, saying, "The biggest benefit with Ongoing WMS on the warehouse floor is the great compatibility with different devices. Handling eCom campaigns with Ongoing order tools improves warehouse efficiency significantly."

The Collaborative Backbone for Success

The success story is not just about technology; it is significantly about the people behind the scenes. Örn acknowledges the positive and constructive alliance. He states, "Co-operation with a dedicated Customer-responsible Software Engineer at Ongoing is fast and straightforward."

Daniel Svensson, 3PLogistiikkas’s first point of contact at Ongoing and personal software engineer, recounts his experiences: "Working with 3PLogistiikka has been nothing short of smooth. They always come with very concrete requests where they have already done much of the groundwork beforehand. Then, it's mostly just about executing what they have asked for without any fuss."

Juhani Kammonen, IT Manager at 3PLogistiikka, has predominantly been working closely with the engineers at Ongoing. Daniel continues with an example of the smooth collaboration, "For instance, when a goods owner requests additional services for their transport bookings, Juhani promptly contacts Ongoing. By then, he has already identified the relevant service in the API and provides clear guidance on when to apply or not apply the service."

Mattias Johnson later took over as 3PLogistiikka's contact at Ongoing. Sharing his perspective, Mattias says, "By the time I came onboard, 3PLogistiikka had a complete and operative system in place. Today, they occasionally request minor adjustments, from revamping reports to tailoring settings. My interactions, especially with Juhani, have always been constructive and efficient. He is easy to work with, competent, and always a bliss to chat with."

Embracing Modern Innovations

3PLogistiikka's decision to integrate Ongoing WMS into their operations underscores their commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability. The platform, while advanced, is just one of the tools they've adopted in their quest to provide consistent, high-quality service. By embracing the capabilities of Ongoing WMS, 3PLogistiikka ensures they stay attuned to the evolving needs of their clients and the industry at large, a testament to their thoughtful approach and dedication to delivering quality in our ever-evolving digital age.

Published: 2023-10-27 is revolutionizing pet retail's Digital Transformation with Ongoing WMS

With the help of Ongoing's tailored WMS solutions, achieved a striking 15% boost in warehouse productivity.

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, businesses thrive on their operational efficiency., an omni-retail brand under Pet Pawr Group AB, stands as a testament to this, boasting physical and online stores as well as veterinary clinics throughout the Nordics. Charting their growth from a startup with a rudimentary warehouse management system to an industry front-runner, illustrates the rewards of technological adaptation.

The Genesis of ZOO 2.0

Jost Beermann, the Warehouse Manager at, reflects on the times before their digital transformation, "In our early years, our operations were closely tied to our ERP system. This model, although initially effective, began showing its limitations as we expanded," he recounts. “This setup performed well when the company was much smaller, but we eventually outgrew it as we expanded and recognized the need for a dedicated WMS.”

And expand they did, with stores spanning from Gothenburg to Haparanda, and an e-commerce warehouse in Kungsängen serving Sweden, Norway, and Finland. As with every growing entity, reached a point where they had to find new technical solutions to meet the demand and continue their growth. It was this realization that birthed the ambitious 'ZOO 2.0' project. Andreas Harju,'s CTO, comments, "Our growth has been significant in recent years, leading us to identify more obstacles than opportunities with our existing technical setup. ZOO 2.0 aimed to update our system landscape, ensuring our infrastructure could support our aspirations."

An Integrated and Multifaceted WMS

Their digital transition led them to Ongoing WMS, a decision both Jost Beermann and Andreas Harju firmly stand by. Choosing Ongoing WMS was no accident. "Ongoing matched our requirements impeccably and was already well-known among our warehouse personnel," Andreas points out. "Ongoing is a vital component within a suite of approximately 20 underlying systems. Its primary integrations are with our ERP and TMS." he elaborates.

Today, the use of Ongoing WMS at is not just about handling inventories; it's an intricate dance of optimization and real-time analytics. Jost counts the many functionalities they've employed, "From the use of hand scanners that bring both functionality and aesthetic appeal, to the detailed mapping of the warehouse with designated pick-up spots and buffer zones, Ongoing WMS has revolutionized our approach. The dashboards are particularly valuable, allowing a real-time overview of production and incoming orders. It's an incredibly adaptable system that can be tailored to a business's specific needs."

The benefits of's digital leap are apparent. "We now have excellent control over our workflows, inventory, and production. Moreover, our productivity has increased by around 15% compared to our previous setup," Jost reports.

Great Collaboration: The Key Pillar to Success

Jesper Jönsson, their personal software developer at Ongoing, is described by Andreas as the key factor in this success story. Both Jost and Andreas commend Jesper's instrumental role. "Jesper is phenomenal, a true professional. He brings timely, effective solutions to challenges and has an uncanny ability to anticipate what other systems interfacing with Ongoing need to do to ensure seamless integration," Jost remarks. "He also comes with good counter-proposals when we think we know what we want." Andreas adds, "His receptiveness throughout the implementation, coupled with his proactive adjustments to cater to our specifications, has ensured optimal process efficiency. Moreover, Jesper has frequently trained and mentored our staff, ensuring that we leverage the system to its fullest potential."

Jesper Jönsson reflects on the collaboration as well, "Thanks to the well-coordinated 'ZOO 2.0' project, collaboration with all the people at has been excellent. With Ongoing WMS, started with a setup that mirrored their previous working method, which they were completely comfortable with. From there, I worked alongside Andreas and Jost to harness their evident drive to introduce new features to their warehouse workflow and continuously optimize their processes."

Ongoing Reliability and Satisfaction

Reflecting on their digital journey, Jost conveys his satisfaction, "We're very pleased with the WMS. Throughout my 18-year logistics career, I've worked with various warehouse management systems and other warehouse solutions. Ongoing WMS stands out as one of the best. It's highly customizable to suit business needs."

In his closing remarks, Andreas expresses, "The partnership has surpassed our expectations. This has been evident both during the project's integration phase and in its ongoing operations, where Ongoing WMS has consistently proven itself as a robust and dependable solution."

Published: 2023-10-04

Fredrik Einarsson - CEO of Ongoing

The CEO on Navigating Growth & Digital Shifts in Uncertain Times

2022 stood out as a hallmark year for Ongoing, even in the face of an uncertain economy. In an interview with Ongoing's CEO, Fredrik Einarsson, he reflects on the company's journey through the first half of 2023 and provides a closer look at Ongoing's direction, its response to changing economic landscapes, and the strategies driving its growth. Highlighting the crucial role of digitalization in logistics and the company's strong foundation in the Nordics, Einarsson sheds light on Ongoing's adaptability, the industry trends at play, and the outlook for the future.

2022 was a successful year for Ongoing despite a weak sentiment in the economy. How has the first half of 2023 been for Ongoing? 

– Yes, 2022 was a strong year for Ongoing. We gained many new customers and there was good momentum among our existing clients. In the first quarter of 2023, we observed a more cautious stance. It took longer to acquire new customers, and we felt that companies and consumers were holding onto their money more. In the second quarter of 2023, that is, from April to June, it turned around. We once again saw a significant influx of new clients, especially from Norway and Denmark. Our existing customers still seek assistance in streamlining and integrating their logistics, so things are going well.

What's your view on the market situation for the remainder of 2023?

– I am optimistic despite the uncertainty. The large number of new customers we're gaining suggests that market concerns, at least partially, have declined. Sweden's GDP is expected to be slightly negative while Norway, Denmark, and Finland's are predicted to be stagnant or slightly positive. Our main market, the Nordics, is doing fairly well despite market concerns.


If you're wrong and the market climate turns tough, how will Ongoing be affected?

– Of course, we will be affected if things slow down, but many companies look to streamline and automate their operations during tougher times, especially their logistics. Ongoing WMS plays a vital role in this process and is essential both in good times and bad. We help our clients become faster, more agile, and more resilient in all situations! Even today, many WMS software solutions are locally installed, and the shift to cloud-based solutions becomes even more apparent during challenging times, which benefits us.


Ongoing's figures have looked good for a long time. Can it continue?

– Yes. Financially, Ongoing is very strong after 15 uninterrupted years of profitable growth. We are very long-term oriented, with no loans or external financiers demanding quick returns. With over 550 clients and more than 10,000 users, we have a solid foundation. We plan to continue building the company step by step, mainly in the Nordics, but increasingly on a global scale. We grow with our customers and software-developing partners. We have outstanding employees, and we will always prioritize our customers' interests.


How do different trends affect Ongoing?

– We see many trends that are affecting our business. Here is a list of the most prominent ones:

  1. The overall trend, both in the Nordics and globally, is that digitalization in warehousing and logistics remains strong and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.
  2. As many know, we are particularly dominant in third-party logistics. This niche will continue to grow in the next 5 years in the Nordics and worldwide. We're clearly the market leader in the Nordics and we're growing internationally.
  3. Another trend is that companies with their own warehouses or a "hybrid solution", which we refer to as "logistics-intensive companies", increasingly choose specialized software, i.e., a WMS, to manage their warehouse. Previously, they might have managed their warehouse using a module in their ERP system or some other more generic software.
  4. We also see a clear trend where logistics-intensive companies, both small growing and large ones, find it a no-brainer to opt for cloud-based software that is quick to deploy with relatively little financial investment. Older, locally installed WMSs requiring extensive consultancy support are on the decline.
  5. The trend that software should communicate seamlessly will continue. Customers should even be able to set up integrations themselves within minutes. Our clients expect Ongoing's WMS to communicate with all surrounding software, like ERP systems, webshops, shipping platforms, and various automation systems.
  6. Two other trends positively affecting Ongoing are the long-term growth of e-commerce and the automation of warehouses. With the growth of e-commerce, warehouse workers now do the piece-picking that was previously done by consumers in stores. This means piece-picking becomes a larger part of warehouse work and a bigger portion of the value is added in the warehouse. Therefore, it becomes even more essential to streamline the picking processes with a combination of a powerful WMS and automation to keep costs in check.

How do you envision things a few years down the line? Where will you grow? 

– Even though we have clients in 30 countries, the Nordics are our primary focus for obvious reasons. This is where the majority of our clients are and also where we have a vast ecosystem of different software partners. Sweden and Norway are the largest, but Denmark and Finland are on the rise. Our internationalization outside the Nordics is largely driven by our clients and partners expanding globally. Many of our clients operate internationally and wish to use Ongoing WMS outside the Nordics. So, Ongoing WMS is now used worldwide. The Nordics, with its 27 million inhabitants and a well-developed business environment, is a great market for us. We share similar languages, cultures, and values. There's a sense of unity. The Nordics top the list (IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking) of the world's countries excelling in digitalizing various business operations. Denmark ranks first, followed by the USA and Sweden, and closely followed by Finland and Norway. Thus, we, our partners, and our clients are at the global forefront of digitalization.

Published: 2023-09-04

The Customer lobby for 3PLs and their goods owners

The Customer Lobby: New WMS Dashboard for 3PLs and Customers

Ongoing WMS introduces the Customer Lobby, a straightforward dashboard designed to simplify and enhance supply chain interactions between third-party logistics providers and their clients.

For third-party logistics providers (3PLs), ensuring smooth operations and a transparent customer relationship is essential. With this in mind, Ongoing WMS has rolled out its latest feature – the Customer Lobby – a comprehensive dashboard tailored to the specific needs of 3PLs and their customers. From real-time error notifications to intricate statistics of order management, this tool aims to redefine how customers of 3PLs interact with and understand their supply chain processes. Here is what to expect:

  • Error Tracking: The dashboard highlights orders with issues like status errors, un-pickable rankings, and understocked articles, making it easier to address them.
  • Integration Health: The dashboard indicates the current status of integrations and automated emails, alerting users to any issues.
  • Operational Metrics: Get a clearer picture of warehouse operations with metrics on created, picked, received, and returned orders.
  • Order Status Overview: A pie chart shows current order statuses, indicating which ones are pickable, not pickable, picked, or shipped.
  • Purchase Order Insights: Another pie chart provides a count of purchase orders expected to arrive today, those in progress, and those received today.
  • Timeframe Views: Users can adjust the dashboard's view to see order data from 'Today', 'Last week', 'Last month', or 'Last year' for better analysis.

The lobby is available by default for goods owners with a 3PL customer login, displayed right at login or via Statistics > Customer lobby in the top menu.

Published: 2023-08-30

Dice representing the new ABC classification in Ongoing WMS.

Introducing the ABC Classification Functionality in Ongoing WMS

Ongoing recently introduced an ABC-classification feature, designed to rank articles by their importance so that the most popular ones can be stored in more accessible areas.

Efficiency and optimization are paramount in warehouse management. The ABC classification system offers a structured methodology to categorize inventory based on their significance:

  • Category A: These items are of utmost importance and are considered essential to operations.

  • Category B: While still being of significant value, these items are not as critical as those in Category A.

  • Category C: These are necessary items but they have a reduced priority compared to the above categories.

Utilizing the ABC classification not only facilitates organization but also enhances operational efficiency, by positioning the most vital items in easily accessible locations.

Enhancements Offered by Ongoing WMS

Ongoing WMS has integrated advanced features to ensure a seamless ABC classification experience:

  • Manual Classification: Users can directly classify items according to their discernment.

  •  Assisted Manual Classification: For instances where there's uncertainty regarding an item's classification, our system provides statistical insights to aid decision-making.

  • Automated Classification: Ongoing WMS offers an automation feature, where items are classified at predetermined intervals.

Distinctive Features for Enhanced User Experience

Ongoing WMS’s ABC classification is equipped with several user-centric features:

  • Comprehensive ABC Classification Dialogue: A well-structured table format ensures easy and efficient article sorting.

  • Adaptable Filters: These filters enable users to curate their views, displaying only relevant articles.

  • Automatic Clearing: The system is designed to intelligently clear classifications for articles that remain untouched or unmodified.

Read more about the ABC classification on our Developer pages or contact your Ongoing contact person to learn more. Not an Ongoing customer yet? Send an email to to get started with Ongoing WMS today. 

Published: 2023-08-11

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The Customer Lobby: New WMS Dashboard for 3PLs and Customers

Ongoing WMS introduces the Customer Lobby, a straightforward dashboard designed to simplify and enhance supply chain interactions between third-party logistics providers and their clients.

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Introducing the ABC Classification Functionality in Ongoing WMS

Ongoing recently introduced an ABC-classification feature, designed to rank articles by their importance so that the most popular ones can be stored in more accessible areas.

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Karl-Oskar and Ronny Streamline Integrations for our 10k+ Users

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Rebolet is Rescuing One Billion Items from Destruction with Scalable Software

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Vätterleden Logistik AB Significantly Improved their Customer Integration

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The leading global manufacturer and distributor of flooring, Kährs, has successfully implemented Ongoing WMS to enhance their warehouse management capabilities, streamlining their operations, and improving efficiency.

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InterEast Implemented Ongoing WMS to Enhance Service Quality and Efficiency

InterEast Transport AB has implemented Ongoing's solutions in its Romanian warehouse to improve service quality, reduce manual work and ensure fast and safe deliveries

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Galvin Green did not compromise when choosing WMS

Galvin Green, a Swedish company specializing in high-quality golf clothing and accessories, has significantly improved its logistics operations through the implementation of Ongoing WMS.

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Ongoing WMS has significantly improved HL Display's warehouse productivity

HL Display, a global supplier of products and solutions that help retailers and brands create attractive and profitable in-store environments, uses Ongoing as their WMS solution.

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Ongoing WMS now available on the Shopify App Store

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New integration with MyCashflow

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We are continuously adding integrations to our extensive ecosystem of logistics software. Recently, we developed an integration with Gordon Delivery to speed up the shipping process from warehouse to end-customer.

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2021 - a record year in all aspects

The annual report for 2021 is completed and we are proud to have increased both revenues and profit margins for 14 consecutive years!

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New direct integration with Postnord

There is no longer a need for an intermediary shipping platform when shipping with Postnord with our new integration.

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New integration with Sendcloud

Ongoing has added Sendcloud to our set of shipping platform integrations.

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Doubling of the office space

We have outgrown our office and are now doubling the space by moving to a second floor.

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New logotype and company symbol

Ongoing has updated its logotype and symbol. In the process, the color pallet has also been updated.

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Ongoing Warehouse appointed super company

Ongoing Warehouse has been appointed super company by Dun & Bradstreet.

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Prime Penguin and Ongoing Warehouse partner up to deliver market-leading logistics for in-house warehousing

The seamless integration between Prime Penguin and Ongoing WMS simplifies ecommerce logistics by creating visibility and control in the warehouse operation. 

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Blue Robot integrates with Ongoing WMS

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Partnership between Ongoing Warehouse and yayloh return management platform

With Ongoing WMS combined with yayloh return management platform, EYTYS creates a fuss-free return journey for everyone involved

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Scandinavian Cosmetics consolidates their logistics with Ongoing WMS

Scandinavian Cosmetics increases efficiency using Ongoing WMS and consolidates their logistics to Sweden, where the software service is used.

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2021 - a record year in all aspects

The annual report for 2021 is completed and we are proud to have increased both revenues and profit margins for 14 consecutive years!

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Ecommerce success Spares Nordic teams up with Ongoing WMS

Spares Nordic, who runs and, selects Ongoing WMS as warehouse management system. 

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GN Logistics grows with Ongoing WMS

GN Logistics is a 3PL provider and subsidiary to GN Transport. They have been using Ongoing WMS for many years in all their three warehouses located in Halmstad, Stockholm and Luxemburg.    

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Beyond Nordic gains control over their warehouse operations using Ongoing WMS

Outdoor clothing brand Beyond Nordic gathers control over their warehouse operations and reduces administrative work with Ongoing WMS.

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Kitch´n extends its collaboration with Ongoing WMS

“With Ongoing WMS, we stand well suited for further expansion in Sweden”, Says Petter Grålumstuen, IT & Logistics manager at Kitch´n.  

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Integration between Ongoing WMS and e-motions

Logistics automation company e-motions has recently made an integration towards Ongoing WMS.

Errors are eliminated, and our transportation costs decline since we are able to accurately verify and match package volume metrics to freight invoices”, Says Gustav Jebsen, CEO at 360 Logistics, a Norwegian logistics provider that is using the system combination.   

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Integration between Ongoing WMS and VersaFleet TMS

Ongoing WMS integrates with Asia’s leading Transport Management Software (TMS) VersaFleet. Both solutions are complementary to each other and the integration between Ongoing WMS & VersaFleet TMS results in a complete end-to-end logistics management solution. The first company to use this integration is a Malaysian cold chain transporter & 3PL, Frostbyte Logistics.

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2020-10-01Read full article

Danish ERP Tracezilla integrates with Ongoing WMS

Tracezilla, Danish ERP-system for food companies integrates with Ongoing WMS. The integration makes the warehouse operations more effective and traceable when outsourcing to a 3PL, as well as when choosing to handle your own warehousing.

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Online store selects Ongoing WMS

Fast growing Swedish health online store Greatlife Group AB utilizes Ongoing WMS to optimize their new warehouse operations. The WMS is used to secure fast and accurate deliveries to Greatlife-customers, both B2C and B2B. Seamless integrations were an important factor for the online business when choosing WMS.

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Indian 3PL-company Shipcenter selects Ongoing WMS as Warehouse Management System

Ongoing Warehouse signs with first Indian customer Shipcenter, a newly started logistics provider.

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Ongoing Warehouse selected as Direct House WMS supplier

Norwegian logistics provider Direct House selects Ongoing WMS as new warehouse management system for their 4500 m2 warehouse.

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Finest Foods Germany chooses Ongoing WMS as WMS supplier

Finest Foods Germany starts working with web-based Ongoing WMS, the systems great range of functions and integrations make an accurate and efficient warehouse management.  

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Envirozone chooses Ongoing Warehouse as WMS provider

Fast growing Envirozone starts working with Ongoing WMS. The system plays an important role in Envirozones work on continuing improving its logistic services.

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Online retailer Stonehillparts chooses Ongoing WMS as WMS supplier

Fast growing online retailer Stonehillparts uses Ongoing WMS to increase warehouse efficiency.

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Scandinavian logistic giant Tempcon selects Ongoing Warehouse as WMS-supplier

Klimat-Transport & Logistik AB is a part of Tempcon Group which is one of the Scandinavian market leaders in 3PL and transport of temperate goods. They were looking for a new, modern warehouse management system and became happy to find Ongoing WMS.

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The jacket brand Didriksons uses Ongoing WMS to increase warehouse efficiency for their logistics

Fast-growing Didriksons have witnessed increased warehouse efficiency when changing warehouse management systems to Ongoing WMS.

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Dairy producer Arla Foods Sweden chooses Ongoing Warehouse as WMS provider

Arla Foods Sweden decided to manage their warehouse operation of commercial goods by themselves instead of outsourcing. Ongoing WMS was the warehouse management system best suited for them. 

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Sharespine creates integration towards Ongoing Warehouse

Sharespine has a specific integration that connects Ongoing Warehouse with e-commerce systems, marketplaces, ERP systems and POS. The integration automates order- product- and warehouse flows, regardless of if your products are sold in a single webshop or on multiple marketplaces.

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Fast growing online retailers selects Ongoing WMS as their warehouse management system

The E-commerce industry is rapidly burgeoning. As a result, web shops need to focus in an efficient warehouse operation. Ongoing Warehouse, who with their cloud-based WMS has been dominating the 3PL-market, now offers their system to e-commerce retailers.

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Finnish marketplace Suppilog introduces sharing economy in logistics

“In Ongoing Warehouse, the main benefits were world-class WMS SaaS-software technology, the already existing logistics customers in Finland and the sole fact that the company was from the Nordics and not from other continents far away. To be able to communicate fast and personally enables a service level that the global service providers in other time zones can't easily offer”, says Harri Eskelin, CEO Supplilog Oy.

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Danish logistics Gazelle YOYO Global Freight chooses Ongoing as WMS provider

YOYO Global Freight, one of Denmark's top companies in freight and logistics, has recently started using Ongoing Warehouse as their warehouse management system. "Ongoing made it easy for us to choose a WMS provider, the system had what we were looking for”, says Christian Bøgelund Ditlevsen, Corporate Development Manager at YOYO Global Freight.

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Logisticompany AB uses Ongoing WMS to streamline health care logistics

Logisticompany AB is an independent alternative for transport in Helsingborg, Sweden, who also offers 3PL services. When one of their customers, trading medical and pharmaceutical products, wanted to expand their contract, Logisticompany AB decided to implement the customer in their new warehouse management system, Ongoing WMS.

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Automating using SaaS WMS

When M3 Logistics wanted to use their warehouse more efficiently and improve the ergonomics for their staff, they chose to invest in two vertical storage lifts from Kardex Remstar. The lifts were integrated with their existing warehouse management system, Ongoing WMS, using Ongoing's automation API.

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We're launching our new REST API to simplify integrations

To simplify for customers to integrate their own systems with the Ongoing WMS, we are now launching our new API based on REST.

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The benefits of using the web-based WMS Ongoing Warehouse for 3PL customers

Companies looking for a 3PL logistics provider contact Ongoing Warehouse with questions about the benefits of outsourcing their warehouse handling to a logistics company using our WMS. We have therefore summarized some pros for you in the text below.

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Boomerang relies on Ongoing's WMS for continued growth in the eCommerce sector!

"Boomerang has enjoyed exceptional growth since 2015 and Ongoing Warehouse has contributed to a great extent...", says Jonas Heinonen CEO Boomerang Distribution OU.

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We're launching our new documentation site

We've collected all our documentation and put it under one roof, available for everyone. The site contains information about how to get started with the system, how to use scanning, and much more.

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Norwegian Logistics Provider Accelerator strengthens its position using web-based WMS

Accelerator AS is a 100% Norwegian, owner-lead logistics provider with broad competence in the field of Third-Party Logistics (3PL). After using the WMS Ongoing Warehouse for a couple of years, the business has grown considerably.

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Finnish logistics provider Rahtikeskus Oy has chosen Ongoing

"Both we and our customers are very pleased with the Ongoing WMS. Ongoing is easy to use and the system is very clear and well-functioning for third party logistics", says Johannes Knapas, Sales Manager at Rahtikeskus Oy.

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New - Pick Order Scanning

Pick order scanning is a new feature in Ongoing Warehouse, and is used when picking multiple orders simultaneously (batch picking)

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RST Logistics choose Ongoing

“We are very pleased with Ongoing and that starting up the system has gone so quickly. Ongoing is easy to use and has all the functions we need to offer our clients cost-effective and optimal storage services", says Richard Sæther, CEO of RST Logistics AS.

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Intelligent use of WMS helps M3 Logistics to attract customers

"For us it is not enough to have an attractive location in Stockholm with modern safety facilities and skilled staff. Smart IT solutions is an important reason why our customers choose us as their logistic provider", says Robert Dawid, CEO of M3 Logistics. 

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Ongoing WMS helps Olsson Logistics with their international customers!

“After a thorough analysis of the market for WMS-systems we chose Ongoing Warehouse", says Mathias Olsson, CEO of Olssons Logistics. Read the Press Release. 

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New customers in Saudi Arabia, Italy and Lithuania!

Ongoing Warehouse increases it's global presence with new customers in Saudi Arabia, Italy and Lithuania. Growing need for a web-based WMS especially made for the 3PL-business is boosting the interest – for us - new parts of Europe and the Middle East. 

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Loadmaster renews itself with web-based WMS!

The Norwegian transport- and logistics company Loadmaster AS has deployed a Web-based WMS (Warehouse Management System) for its storage business. Loadmaster AS uses Ongoing Warehouse that is Scandinavia's leading WMS for 3PL. 

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Praise from a customer in Germany

One of our international customers, a big logistics provider in Hagen, Germany, is praising Ongoing Warehouse as a WMS for third party logistics. “We really like the system Ongoing Warehouse and are very happy with the features, services and the support", says the Head of Logistics.

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Ongoing Warehouse grows in Norway

More and more companies in the 3PL-sector in Norway choose Ongoing as their WMS. Read more about one of our Norwegian customers Colliflow in the Norwegian website "Logistikk og Ledelse"

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Ongoing Warehouse becomes a “Gazelle”

The software company Ongoing Warehouse – specialized in a web-based Warehouse Management System – has been appointed by the Swedish business paper “Dagens Industri” a Gazelle Company. The appointment “Gazelle” goes to the fastest growing companies in Sweden - companies that are masters at both profitable growth and creating new jobs

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"Cloud based WMS generates new business"

Ongoing Warehouse was featured in an appendix about logistics in the leading Swedish business newspaper "Dagens Industri" (the article is only available in Swedish).

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RPG Logistics expands its business and invests in new IT-systems

RPG Logistics AB (recently purchased by Ntex), a company providing total solutions within the logistics sector is investing in modern IT-systems to develop their business further.

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Selector Logistik invests in third party logistics for their E-commerce

The Company Selector Logistik, with extensive experience in logistics management within the demanding B2B marketplace, is strengthening its offering within third-party logistics directed to E-retailers.

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GP-Last has deployed Ongoing's WMS systems

In February, the transport and logistics company GP-Last AB commissioned a Web-based storage system, also known as a Warehouse Management System (WMS). System supplier is Ongoing Warehouse AB.

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IT systems for coordinated goods distribution helps reduce environmental impact

The logistics company Scandinavian Supply Chain AB, which are predominantly owned by Alwex Transport AB, has been contracted to coordinate the distribution for Växjö municipality. As IT support, a system from the company Ongoing Warehouse AB, is used.

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Web based warehouse system generates new business for Roxtrans AB

The logistics company Roxtrans AB has recently deployed a web-based warehouse system, also known as Warehouse Management System (WMS) by the system supplier Ongoing Warehouse AB.

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Veddesta Distribution AB and its subsidiary Multi Logistik AB deploys Ongoings' WMS system

Veddesta Distribution AB and its subsidiary Multi Logistics AB has started a collaboration with the IT Company Ongoing Warehouse AB. The partnership means that the two logistics companies will be using the Ongoing web-based warehouse management system (known as WMS system) to improve and develop its logistics activities in 3PL and logistics services.

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Flexibility was vital when Almroths chose WMS system

The growing logistics company Almroths Express & Åkeri AB chooses Ongoing Warehouse as WMS system (Warehouse Management System) to better align its logistics solutions to customers' needs.

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