Integration between Ongoing WMS and e-motions

Emotions sorteringsanläggning

Logistics automation company e-motions has recently made an integration towards Ongoing WMS.

Errors are eliminated, and our transportation costs decline since we are able to accurately verify and match package volume metrics to freight invoices”, Says Gustav Jebsen, CEO at 360 Logistics, a Norwegian logistics provider that is using the system combination.   

“The combination Ongoing WMS and e-motions is powerful. e-motions completely automates our sorting process together with Ongoing WMS. We get an absolute overview of the packages passing through the e-motions DWS (Dimension – weight scan). Errors are eliminated and our transportation costs decline since we are able to accurately verify and match package volume metrics to freight invoices”, Says Gustav Jebsen, CEO at 360 Logistics. 

e-motions is specialized in automation solutions for ecommerce logistics and manufacturing companies. e-motion delivers conveyors and sorting equipment for ecommerce.

“When your packages are ready for shipment, you want packages going to abroad to be in a different load carrier than packages going to Norway. You also want to separate different carriers as well as freight zones, freight services and package sizes within the same carrier. The conveyor and DWS solution automatically moves packages from one location to another and handles the sorting process automatically”, Nils Brunke, CEO at e-motions says.  

e-motions has used Ongoing´s API to integrate the two systems.

“Ongoing WMS has a well-developed automation API that is very easy to integrate towards. A great advantage is that the API is public on their website with clear instructions on how to integrate a conveyor-based automation solution. This saves us and our customers a lot of time. There are several 3PL companies who use the integration with great success, one of them being 360 Logistics”, Nils Brunke continues.

“The importance of automation systems is rapidly increasing, and in the future, we believe that they will be an essential part of logistics intensive companies. Therefore, we have put a lot of effort into developing the automation API. It has been a great success and many automation companies have already built integrations towards Ongoing WMS. The e-motion integration is important since it further strengthens our ecosystem of integrations with automation systems”, says Fredrik Einarsson, CEO at Ongoing Warehouse.

The integration automates the sorting process and increases precision as well as flexibility. When a package arrives at e-motions conveyor solution, the package is measured, and the information is sent to Ongoing WMS. e-motions conveyor solution scans the barcode of the package and receives relevant information from Ongoing WMS such as consignee address, zip code, name, etc. This allows the conveyor belt to automatically forward the package to the correct destination.


About Ongoing:

Ongoing Warehouse delivers a web-based warehouse management system suited for logistics intensive companies. Ongoing Warehouse is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and is the market leader in its niche in Scandinavia.


About 360 Logistics:

360 Logistics as a new and innovative 3PL provider located in central Oslo, and focuses on e-commerce logistics of smaller goods such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, clothing and electronics. As the first 3PL in Norway, they have automated packing and sorting of smaller consumer goods.

Published: 2020-11-11

Rains Uses Ongoing WMS.

Rains' Collaborative Implementation of Ongoing WMS led to Logistical Excellence

In the fall of 2023, the outerwear brand Rains implemented Ongoing as their first WMS and are already noticing great results. Behind the success is a close collaboration between our senior customer-responsible software engineer Jakob Nilsson and the Rains team.

Rains is a lifestyle brand that has redefined the outerwear segment with its conceptual and functional design ethos. Drawing inspiration from the urban lifestyle and characterized by a signature waterproof fabric identity, Rains' collections offer a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic rubber raincoat with sustainability in mind. Central to Rains' operational prowess and strategic expansion is its collaboration with Ongoing, a partnership that has significantly bolstered their supply chain efficiency and operational agility. Hear Christopher Jarrov, Head of Supply Chain at Rains, and Jakob Nilsson, Senior Customer Responsible Software Engineer at Ongoing, comment on the WMS journey that led to logistical success.

The Selection of Ongoing WMS

Christopher Jarrov starts by providing a look into Rains' decision-making process that led to the adoption of Ongoing WMS. Up until then, Rains had exclusively been using their ERP system for their warehouse operations. Only relying on an ERP solution might sometimes be enough for smaller businesses, but as growth takes off and efficiency becomes crucial, something more powerful is often required. Therefore, faced with both substantial growth and the absence of a WMS system, Rains sought a solution that matched its specific needs for flexibility, efficiency, and growth potential.

Their decision to adopt Ongoing WMS was influenced by several key factors that stood out during their search. Jarrov explains what was pivotal in their decision: "Ongoing’s WMS was standing out on several parameters such as great support and honesty in the approach for the demo meetings, and they were at an early stage able to match Rains demands of required WMS functionalities." The system's user-friendly interface, effective location control, and seamless API integration capabilities were among the decisive factors for Rains. These have collectively propelled Rains' warehouse handling to new heights, enabling the brand to support its strategic business growth more effectively.

The Impact of Ongoing WMS on Rains

The implementation of Ongoing WMS has been transformative for Rains, enabling the brand to manage warehouse activities across multiple sites with unprecedented efficiency. Jarrov details the benefits: "In general, we've gained more security and transparent data quality in our work. We've also increased our picking performance by 50%, and reduced staff cost by approximately 25%."

A 50% increase in picking performance is particularly noteworthy. This enhancement directly translates into faster order processing times, enabling Rains to handle a higher volume of orders with the same or fewer resources. This improvement in operational speed and efficiency not only supports Rains' growth ambitions by allowing for scalability but also plays an important role in improving customer satisfaction through quicker delivery times and more reliable service.

Equally significant is the 25% reduction in staffing costs. By automating routine tasks, streamlining warehouse processes, and providing employees with intuitive tools and data, Ongoing WMS has enabled Rains to optimize its labor resources. Moreover, the adoption of Ongoing WMS has bolstered the security and transparency of Rains' warehouse operations. The cloud-based platform ensures that data regarding stock levels, order status, and warehouse activities are always up-to-date and accessible, enabling more informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Collaboration with Jakob Nilsson

The successful implementation of Ongoing WMS at Rains was made possible through a close collaboration with their personal contact and customer-responsible software engineer Jakob Nilsson. The teamwork between Nilsson and Rains is described by Jarrov as a "true experience." He shares that the partnership has been characterized by professionalism, swift problem-solving, and a pleasant journey from planning to execution. "We are getting the best support and prompt reaction from Jakob," says Jarrov, acknowledging Nilsson's significant role in the seamless integration of Ongoing WMS into Rains' operations.

The Journey from Start to Finish

Jakob Nilsson, who acted as a key figure in the integration and development process, shares his insights on the journey from conception to successful execution, highlighting the nuances of the project and the mutual respect that has underscored the collaboration with Rains. His experience working with Rains has been exceptionally positive, characterized by clear communication and constructive feedback. "They have been excellent to work with," he begins.

The process of integrating Ongoing WMS at Rains followed a standard setup but was distinguished by the thoroughness and organization of the Rains team. Nilsson describes the initial phase: "The process was quite typical for how Ongoing usually conducts the implementation process. Rains described their wishes and requirements for the order flow, and I explained how it could be solved in Ongoing with our various processes." A week before going live, he visited Rains on-site in Århus, Denmark, to get a better understanding of how they work in the warehouse, an insightful visit to identify what could be even further improved ahead. He also trained the warehouse staff in using Ongoing WMS' desktop and scanning module. Training is usually performed remotely by Ongoing, but upon Rains' request, Nilsson packed his bags and traveled to their warehouse in Denmark.

Nilsson also made a point to acknowledge the crucial contribution of Patrick Lyngs, IT Business Process Consultant at Rains, stating, "Patrick has played a huge part in the success of the implementation and integration of Ongoing WMS. His ability to articulate Rains' needs and structure their requirements has been key to achieving a seamless go-live process and overall satisfaction with the system."

Tailored Solutions and Special Processes

Rains' operational requirements led to the development of customized solutions within the WMS. Nilsson explains: "A unique aspect of their operation is that they use pallet items for picking their large B2B orders, which helps them keep track of what has been picked and placed in each box. Additionally, they have implemented a process where items for these large orders are picked to designated sorting areas." This process, designed to manage orders that may consist of hundreds of boxes, simplifies the operation and ensures systematic tracking of where each box related to the order is located within the warehouse.

The integration of Ongoing WMS with Rains' existing systems was another piece of the puzzle for operational synergy. "They have an integration with the shipping platform Webshipper and their existing ERP system. The connection between Ongoing WMS and Webshipper was already available via our extensive integration ecosystem. For their ERP, however, the software consultancy company nemEDI ApS built a customized integration to Ongoing WMS." These integrations facilitate a streamlined workflow, from inventory management to shipping, enhancing both efficiency and transparency.

Clear Skies Ahead

As Rains looks to the future, the benefits of the Ongoing WMS platform are clear. "With Ongoing WMS, we at Rains have become more professional in our working procedures and processes," Jarrov concludes. This partnership has laid a solid foundation for Rains to meet its future business growth plans, highlighting the critical role of strategic technological partnerships in achieving operational and strategic goals and reinforcing its commitment to excellence in the outerwear industry.

Published: 2024-02-28

Logistik 27 uses Ongoing WMS

3PL Logistik 27 Made Substantial Savings with Ongoing WMS

In a recent interview, Magnus Rosèn at Logistik 27 provided insights on the significant impact of Ongoing WMS on their operations: high adaptability, increased efficiency, economic benefits, great support, and more.

At the heart of Tranemo, Sweden, beside the bustling route of Highway 27, lies Logistik 27 — a dynamic 3PL logistics center known not just for its strategic location but also for its innovative approach to logistics management. A subsidiary of NRI Group AB, Logistik 27 prides itself on its employee-centric philosophy and a flat organizational structure that accelerates the journey from idea to implementation. Magnus Rosèn, Transport Coordinator at Logistik 27, recently shared how the company has integrated technology to enhance its operations.

Choosing Ongoing WMS

When it came to selecting a warehouse management system, Logistik 27 had clear criteria: the solution needed to be user-friendly and offer vast development possibilities. Ongoing WMS stood out as the preferred choice. According to Magnus Rosèn, "We chose Ongoing because it is easy to work with and the development possibilities are almost endless. Moreover, the toolbox covers everything we need." This decision underscores the importance of flexibility and scalability in logistics operations, where the ability to adapt and evolve with market demands is highly important.

Benefits and Savings

Ongoing WMS is the heart of Logistik 27's entire operation, Rosèn explains. The adoption of Ongoing WMS has led to notable savings and efficiencies for them. Specifically, he highlighted significant savings made in developments of the integration to nShift, leveraging their carriers' strengths to save approximately 250,000 SEK (approx. €22,160 or $24,130) a single year by adjusting a setting in their rulebook. "It's hard to say in general what we've saved, but it's clearly significant amounts," he noted. Strategic adjustments in the WMS can lead to substantial cost savings, a task our skilled customer-responsible software engineers excel at, ensuring optimizations are both effective and efficient.

Collaboration with Ongoing

The collaboration between Logistik 27 and Ongoing's developers has been a key factor in the successful implementation and utilization of the WMS. Highlighting the importance of support and collaboration, Rosèn praised their interactions with Ongoing's staff, particularly Andreas Jönsson. "The cooperation with our contact and developer at Ongoing, Andreas [Jönsson], has been the best part of all. Quick actions and a great understanding of what we want to achieve," he remarked. But he also took the time to praise other Ongoing employees whom he has been in touch with, "In addition, very pleasant staff who respond quickly, are incredibly knowledgeable, and have a tremendous understanding of what we want the end result of our cases to be."

Andreas Jönsson also comments on the collaboration: "The setup of Logistik 27 was both exciting and challenging. We had to develop a lot of new standard functionality to be able to support Logistik 27's processes. All contacts with the counterparts at Logistik 27 have always been very positive."

The Journey Ahead

The collaboration between Logistik 27's forward-thinking approach and Ongoing's innovative solutions has been able to streamline their operations, significantly reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. As Logistik 27 continues to navigate the complexities of logistics and supply chain management, their commitment to adaptability, efficiency, and collaboration remains a guiding light along the heart of Highway 27.

Published: 2024-02-13

NTG Logistics AB uses Ongoing WMS

NTG Logistics AB and Ongoing WMS: Pioneering Customizable Solutions in 3PL Distribution

Skipper Jørgensen, IT Manager at the 3PL provider NTG Logistics AB, explains how the flexibility and adaptability of Ongoing WMS have greatly benefited their customers.

NTG Logistics AB, part of the leading transporter group NTG | Nordic Transport Group A/S headquartered in Denmark, has carved a niche in 3PL distribution and forwarding. Part of their success is their strategic partnership with Ongoing, the WMS used to streamline NTG Logistic AB's operations and offer customizable solutions to their clients. Skipper Jørgensen, the IT Manager at NTG Logistics AB, sheds light on this collaboration and its impact on their operations.

Tailored Solutions for Complex Needs

Jørgensen articulates the journey that led NTG Logistics AB to choose Ongoing WMS, highlighting the versatility and growth potential it offered. "Over the years, we have worked in many different systems as we often started new collaborations with customers by working directly in their own systems." This approach, while flexible, did not provide a sustainable solution. Their experience with their client's various Warehouse Management Systems eventually led them to Ongoing WMS. Jørgensen emphasizes, "Although we got to test out numerous system solutions, we never really found 'the one'. Then, Ongoing offered what we needed and we saw opportunities to grow in Ongoing WMS without incurring spiraling costs." The system's adaptability and the potential for deviation from standard routines on goods owner (customer) level were significant factors in their choice.

Centralizing Operations with Ongoing WMS

Describing the integration of Ongoing WMS into NTG Logistics AB's workflow, Jørgensen notes its central role. "At our company, Ongoing is used as the central engine in our operations." He explains that the system is seamlessly integrated with both their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Transport Administration (TA) systems to minimize manual interventions. This integration is not just about efficiency but also about providing comprehensive solutions, as Jørgensen points out: "All invoices related to warehousing and handling are created in Ongoing WMS. Furthermore, the connection to our TA system allows our customers, the goods owners, to easily access relevant shipping data at the order level if desired."

Adaptability and Efficiency: The Core Advantages

Jørgensen is particularly vocal about the advantages of Ongoing WMS. The system's adaptability is a standout feature, especially given NTG Logistics AB's diverse customer base across various industries. He states, "Over the years, we have encountered many requirements, wishes, and ideas that we previously had to decline, but with Ongoing WMS, we now actually have a fair chance of offering these to our customers. We can make significant changes in the system that only affect one goods owner." He also emphasizes how pleased they are with the simple interface and short onboarding time for administration, customers, and warehouse staff. "It's easy to recognize and navigate the system, which in turn increases overall efficiency and reduces our lead times."

Exemplary Collaboration and Support

Speaking on the collaboration with Ongoing's customer representatives, Jørgensen expresses high satisfaction and how it has exceeded all expectations. The support and responsiveness from Jakob Nilsson and Frida Eriksson, both experienced software engineers, have been noteworthy, especially when dealing with urgent needs. "In 9 out of 10 cases, we have a solution or an action plan on the table before the day is over," he remarks, underlining the efficiency and effectiveness of their work together. He also elaborates on how their personal representatives at Ongoing have been able to find technical solutions. "No matter what kind of silly ideas I've had, with their help, I have managed to reach my goals, even if the lead time has been extremely short sometimes."

Frida Eriksson also shares her satisfaction with the smooth collaboration: "The collaboration has been effective right from the start. The communication with NTG Logistics AB's representatives is clear and well-structured, which greatly simplifies my role as a customer-responsible software engineer. We have jointly developed the system, adding various features that make their daily work more efficient and easier, which is gratifying to witness. Moreover, they are exceptionally pleasant to interact with."

Looking Ahead

The strategic decision to integrate Ongoing WMS into NTG Logistics AB’s operations underlines the importance of adaptability and customer-centric solutions in the logistics industry. As Skipper Jørgensen's insights reveal, this collaboration has not only streamlined NTG Logistics AB's operations but has also set a new benchmark in warehouse management and customer service within the 3PL sector.

Published: 2023-12-12

ReuseIT uses Ongoing WMS

ReuseIT Makes Green Business Seamless with Ongoing WMS

ReuseIT setting new standards in sustainability and operational efficiency with seamless integrations and robust capabilities of Ongoing WMS.

In an age where sustainable business practices are becoming the norm rather than the exception, companies like ReuseIT Sweden AB are setting the bar high. With a business model centered around buying and selling both new and used IT equipment, ReuseIT commits to quality and environmental responsibility. Headquartered in Gothenburg and Växjö, Sweden, the company serves clients across the Nordic countries and Europe. In an interview with Pierre Bågenholm, Operations Manager at ReuseIT, we got to discover how Ongoing WMS has enhanced their operations while aligning with their core values.

Key Factors for Choosing Ongoing WMS

When initially asked why ReuseIT opted for Ongoing WMS, Pierre Bågenholm was quick to mention the system's robust reliability. "We needed a system that guarantees zero downtime and can accommodate a wide range of web solutions," he explained. "Accessibility to support was also crucial; we've even received assistance on Sundays from our Ongoing representative. The system's scalability was another key factor in our decision, making Ongoing the obvious choice."

Seamless Integration and Enhanced Efficiency

Ongoing WMS is not just a stand-alone solution for ReuseIT. It's fully integrated with the Fortnox Business System and nShift's Delivery Management, offering comprehensive order and inventory management capabilities. "We've also linked it to our custom production system through Ongoing's versatile API connections," Bågenholm added. This level of integration ensures that all aspects of the business operate smoothly and efficiently, fulfilling ReuseIT’s commitment to quality and environmental stewardship.

One of the most compelling benefits of implementing Ongoing WMS has been the significant time savings. "We have gained full control over our entire inventory, resulting in a 3-4 hour reduction in daily handling time for orders and inventory management," Bågenholm elaborated. The system’s customizable and user-friendly interfaces have also made a positive impact, offering clear insights into material inflows and outflows, thereby simplifying day-to-day operations.

Effective Collaboration and Mutual Respect

Discussing the collaboration with Ongoing and specifically his customer representative, Gustav Pettersson, he is more than pleased. "Our collaboration with our dedicated software developer and contact at Ongoing has been extremely effective, characterized by quick responses and action times," Bågenholm praised. "Whenever possible, new, customized features have been implemented to our great satisfaction," he added, underscoring the adaptability and customer-focused approach of Ongoing.

Gustav also weighed in on the collaboration, saying, "ReuseIT is one of the largest clients I've personally onboarded, so there's a sense of pride I carry with me because of that. I've been working with them from the start, and they were one of my very first clients when I began working at Ongoing two years ago." He further elaborated on the partnership, adding, "I really enjoy working with Pierre. He's super friendly and a fun guy to talk to. He's one of those clients where you feel like you're building a relationship, rather than just ticking off tasks and answering questions."

A Testament to Sustainable Innovation

In closing, Pierre Bågenholm wholeheartedly endorsed Ongoing WMS, stating, "We highly recommend Ongoing WMS to anyone seeking a robust, flexible, and user-friendly Warehouse Management System for their business."

In all, the union of Ongoing WMS and ReuseIT serves as a prime example of how technology can be harnessed to not just increase efficiency but to also champion sustainability—a cornerstone of ReuseIT’s business philosophy.

Published: 2023-11-02

3PLogistiikka uses Ongoing WMS

Optimizing 3PL Logistics: 3PLogistiikka's Adoption of Ongoing WMS

3PLogistiikka, a logistics powerhouse in Finland and Estonia and led by their CEO Jussi Örn, illustrates how Ongoing WMS has become an integral part of their operations.

In the dynamic world of e-commerce and logistics, companies often find themselves at crossroads, choosing between systems and strategies to deliver optimal services. Leading the pack in Finland is 3PLogistiikka with their CEO Jussi Örn in charge. In a recent interview, he shared insights into their journey and the key role Ongoing WMS plays in their operations.

Örn introduces the operational scope of 3PLogistiikka, highlighting, "We are strong in fulfillment services for import, commerce, and eCommerce. 3PLogistiikka houses warehouse facilities in 9 locations and in total, we employ more than 100 warehouse workers in Finland and Estonia." The company has established itself as the fastest-growing logistics operator in its sector in Finland, leveraging strategic acquisitions and a focus on optimizing the complete supply chain through data sharing with their customers – the goods owners.

WMS Selection and Implementation

Choosing a powerful, reliable, and integrative warehouse management system was essential in enhancing 3PLogistiikkas’s operational capabilities. Örn outlines the decision-making process, explaining, "3PLogistiikka has former experience with numerous warehouse management systems and chose Ongoing WMS after a broad comparison between different systems. Of the compared systems, Ongoing had the best ecosystem of ready-made integrations and being a reliable true cloud-based software."

The implementation of Ongoing WMS within 3PLogistiikka was comprehensive, encompassing various operational facets. Örn details how the system is used today, "Ongoing is used at workstations, handheld devices, and tablets. 3PLogistiikka is currently investing in picking automation which is integrated with Ongoing." This facilitates a seamless, efficient, and technologically harmonized workflow throughout their warehouses.

Highlighting the tangible benefits, Jussi provides insights into the system's capabilities, saying, "The biggest benefit with Ongoing WMS on the warehouse floor is the great compatibility with different devices. Handling eCom campaigns with Ongoing order tools improves warehouse efficiency significantly."

The Collaborative Backbone for Success

The success story is not just about technology; it is significantly about the people behind the scenes. Örn acknowledges the positive and constructive alliance. He states, "Co-operation with a dedicated Customer-responsible Software Engineer at Ongoing is fast and straightforward."

Daniel Svensson, 3PLogistiikkas’s first point of contact at Ongoing and personal software engineer, recounts his experiences: "Working with 3PLogistiikka has been nothing short of smooth. They always come with very concrete requests where they have already done much of the groundwork beforehand. Then, it's mostly just about executing what they have asked for without any fuss."

Juhani Kammonen, IT Manager at 3PLogistiikka, has predominantly been working closely with the engineers at Ongoing. Daniel continues with an example of the smooth collaboration, "For instance, when a goods owner requests additional services for their transport bookings, Juhani promptly contacts Ongoing. By then, he has already identified the relevant service in the API and provides clear guidance on when to apply or not apply the service."

Mattias Johnson later took over as 3PLogistiikka's contact at Ongoing. Sharing his perspective, Mattias says, "By the time I came onboard, 3PLogistiikka had a complete and operative system in place. Today, they occasionally request minor adjustments, from revamping reports to tailoring settings. My interactions, especially with Juhani, have always been constructive and efficient. He is easy to work with, competent, and always a bliss to chat with."

Embracing Modern Innovations

3PLogistiikka's decision to integrate Ongoing WMS into their operations underscores their commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability. The platform, while advanced, is just one of the tools they've adopted in their quest to provide consistent, high-quality service. By embracing the capabilities of Ongoing WMS, 3PLogistiikka ensures they stay attuned to the evolving needs of their clients and the industry at large, a testament to their thoughtful approach and dedication to delivering quality in our ever-evolving digital age.

Published: 2023-10-27

Ongoing receives the DI Gasell award 2023

Ongoing Earns its 5th DI Gasell Award

Ongoing celebrates its remarkable 5th DI Gasell Award Win for 2023, underscoring its status as a leading Swedish business and the team's dedication to excellence.

We are proud to announce that Ongoing has been honored with the DI Gasell Award for 2023, making this the fifth time the company has earned this thought-after distinction. Since our establishment in 2008, we have been granted the DI Gasell in 2014, 2018, 2019, and 2020 which further solidified our position as a top-tier business in Sweden.

The DI Gasell Award is presented by Dagens Industri, Sweden's leading financial newspaper, and highlights the country's fastest-growing and most financially strong enterprises. Given that only a few hundred companies earn this distinction each year, the DI Gasell is a testament to exceptional achievement in the Swedish business world.

The consistent recognition of Ongoing underlines our relentless commitment, passion, and excellence. This repeated win not only serves as a reflection of our company's growth and strong financial standing, but more importantly, the dedication and exceptional contributions of our team members.

Published: 2023-10-16

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New direct integration with Postnord

There is no longer a need for an intermediary shipping platform when shipping with Postnord with our new integration.

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New integration with Sendcloud

Ongoing has added Sendcloud to our set of shipping platform integrations.

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Doubling of the office space

We have outgrown our office and are now doubling the space by moving to a second floor.

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New logotype and company symbol

Ongoing has updated its logotype and symbol. In the process, the color pallet has also been updated.

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Ongoing Warehouse appointed super company

Ongoing Warehouse has been appointed super company by Dun & Bradstreet.

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Prime Penguin and Ongoing Warehouse partner up to deliver market-leading logistics for in-house warehousing

The seamless integration between Prime Penguin and Ongoing WMS simplifies ecommerce logistics by creating visibility and control in the warehouse operation. 

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Blue Robot integrates with Ongoing WMS

The Norwegian automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) Blue Robot integrate with Ongoing WMS, using the Ongoing Automation API.

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Partnership between Ongoing Warehouse and yayloh return management platform

With Ongoing WMS combined with yayloh return management platform, EYTYS creates a fuss-free return journey for everyone involved

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Scandinavian Cosmetics consolidates their logistics with Ongoing WMS

Scandinavian Cosmetics increases efficiency using Ongoing WMS and consolidates their logistics to Sweden, where the software service is used.

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2021 - a record year in all aspects

The annual report for 2021 is completed and we are proud to have increased both revenues and profit margins for 14 consecutive years!

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Ecommerce success Spares Nordic teams up with Ongoing WMS

Spares Nordic, who runs and, selects Ongoing WMS as warehouse management system. 

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GN Logistics grows with Ongoing WMS

GN Logistics is a 3PL provider and subsidiary to GN Transport. They have been using Ongoing WMS for many years in all their three warehouses located in Halmstad, Stockholm and Luxemburg.    

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Beyond Nordic gains control over their warehouse operations using Ongoing WMS

Outdoor clothing brand Beyond Nordic gathers control over their warehouse operations and reduces administrative work with Ongoing WMS.

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Kitch´n extends its collaboration with Ongoing WMS

“With Ongoing WMS, we stand well suited for further expansion in Sweden”, Says Petter Grålumstuen, IT & Logistics manager at Kitch´n.  

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Integration between Ongoing WMS and e-motions

Logistics automation company e-motions has recently made an integration towards Ongoing WMS.

Errors are eliminated, and our transportation costs decline since we are able to accurately verify and match package volume metrics to freight invoices”, Says Gustav Jebsen, CEO at 360 Logistics, a Norwegian logistics provider that is using the system combination.   

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Integration between Ongoing WMS and VersaFleet TMS

Ongoing WMS integrates with Asia’s leading Transport Management Software (TMS) VersaFleet. Both solutions are complementary to each other and the integration between Ongoing WMS & VersaFleet TMS results in a complete end-to-end logistics management solution. The first company to use this integration is a Malaysian cold chain transporter & 3PL, Frostbyte Logistics.

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Shift Electric Mobility AB streamlines their warehouse operations with Ongoing WMS

New customer Shift Electric Mobility AB (Shift) starts using Ongoing WMS. “The implementation was quick and smooth”.

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Online store Dear Sam selects Ongoing WMS to manage their warehouse operations effectively

Readymade integrations and public API’s make it possible to quickly integrate with Ongoing WMS.

2020-10-21Read full article increases warehouse efficiency with Ongoing WMS

Fast-growing Norwegian online shop starts using Ongoing WMS to increase warehouse efficiency.

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Medical supplier Medea Medical selects Ongoing WMS

Medea Medical (Medea) starts using Ongoing WMS to streamline their warehouse- and logistics operations.

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Danish ERP Tracezilla integrates with Ongoing WMS

Tracezilla, Danish ERP-system for food companies integrates with Ongoing WMS. The integration makes the warehouse operations more effective and traceable when outsourcing to a 3PL, as well as when choosing to handle your own warehousing.

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Online store selects Ongoing WMS

Fast growing Swedish health online store Greatlife Group AB utilizes Ongoing WMS to optimize their new warehouse operations. The WMS is used to secure fast and accurate deliveries to Greatlife-customers, both B2C and B2B. Seamless integrations were an important factor for the online business when choosing WMS.

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Indian 3PL-company Shipcenter selects Ongoing WMS as Warehouse Management System

Ongoing Warehouse signs with first Indian customer Shipcenter, a newly started logistics provider.

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Ongoing Warehouse selected as Direct House WMS supplier

Norwegian logistics provider Direct House selects Ongoing WMS as new warehouse management system for their 4500 m2 warehouse.

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Finest Foods Germany chooses Ongoing WMS as WMS supplier

Finest Foods Germany starts working with web-based Ongoing WMS, the systems great range of functions and integrations make an accurate and efficient warehouse management.  

2020-08-07Read full article

Envirozone chooses Ongoing Warehouse as WMS provider

Fast growing Envirozone starts working with Ongoing WMS. The system plays an important role in Envirozones work on continuing improving its logistic services.

2020-07-23Read full article

Online retailer Stonehillparts chooses Ongoing WMS as WMS supplier

Fast growing online retailer Stonehillparts uses Ongoing WMS to increase warehouse efficiency.

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Scandinavian logistic giant Tempcon selects Ongoing Warehouse as WMS-supplier

Klimat-Transport & Logistik AB is a part of Tempcon Group which is one of the Scandinavian market leaders in 3PL and transport of temperate goods. They were looking for a new, modern warehouse management system and became happy to find Ongoing WMS.

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The jacket brand Didriksons uses Ongoing WMS to increase warehouse efficiency for their logistics

Fast-growing Didriksons have witnessed increased warehouse efficiency when changing warehouse management systems to Ongoing WMS.

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Dairy producer Arla Foods Sweden chooses Ongoing Warehouse as WMS provider

Arla Foods Sweden decided to manage their warehouse operation of commercial goods by themselves instead of outsourcing. Ongoing WMS was the warehouse management system best suited for them. 

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Sharespine creates integration towards Ongoing Warehouse

Sharespine has a specific integration that connects Ongoing Warehouse with e-commerce systems, marketplaces, ERP systems and POS. The integration automates order- product- and warehouse flows, regardless of if your products are sold in a single webshop or on multiple marketplaces.

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Fast growing online retailers selects Ongoing WMS as their warehouse management system

The E-commerce industry is rapidly burgeoning. As a result, web shops need to focus in an efficient warehouse operation. Ongoing Warehouse, who with their cloud-based WMS has been dominating the 3PL-market, now offers their system to e-commerce retailers.

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Finnish marketplace Suppilog introduces sharing economy in logistics

“In Ongoing Warehouse, the main benefits were world-class WMS SaaS-software technology, the already existing logistics customers in Finland and the sole fact that the company was from the Nordics and not from other continents far away. To be able to communicate fast and personally enables a service level that the global service providers in other time zones can't easily offer”, says Harri Eskelin, CEO Supplilog Oy.

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Danish logistics Gazelle YOYO Global Freight chooses Ongoing as WMS provider

YOYO Global Freight, one of Denmark's top companies in freight and logistics, has recently started using Ongoing Warehouse as their warehouse management system. "Ongoing made it easy for us to choose a WMS provider, the system had what we were looking for”, says Christian Bøgelund Ditlevsen, Corporate Development Manager at YOYO Global Freight.

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Logisticompany AB uses Ongoing WMS to streamline health care logistics

Logisticompany AB is an independent alternative for transport in Helsingborg, Sweden, who also offers 3PL services. When one of their customers, trading medical and pharmaceutical products, wanted to expand their contract, Logisticompany AB decided to implement the customer in their new warehouse management system, Ongoing WMS.

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Automating using SaaS WMS

When M3 Logistics wanted to use their warehouse more efficiently and improve the ergonomics for their staff, they chose to invest in two vertical storage lifts from Kardex Remstar. The lifts were integrated with their existing warehouse management system, Ongoing WMS, using Ongoing's automation API.

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We're launching our new REST API to simplify integrations

To simplify for customers to integrate their own systems with the Ongoing WMS, we are now launching our new API based on REST.

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The benefits of using the web-based WMS Ongoing Warehouse for 3PL customers

Companies looking for a 3PL logistics provider contact Ongoing Warehouse with questions about the benefits of outsourcing their warehouse handling to a logistics company using our WMS. We have therefore summarized some pros for you in the text below.

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Boomerang relies on Ongoing's WMS for continued growth in the eCommerce sector!

"Boomerang has enjoyed exceptional growth since 2015 and Ongoing Warehouse has contributed to a great extent...", says Jonas Heinonen CEO Boomerang Distribution OU.

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We're launching our new documentation site

We've collected all our documentation and put it under one roof, available for everyone. The site contains information about how to get started with the system, how to use scanning, and much more.

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Norwegian Logistics Provider Accelerator strengthens its position using web-based WMS

Accelerator AS is a 100% Norwegian, owner-lead logistics provider with broad competence in the field of Third-Party Logistics (3PL). After using the WMS Ongoing Warehouse for a couple of years, the business has grown considerably.

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Finnish logistics provider Rahtikeskus Oy has chosen Ongoing

"Both we and our customers are very pleased with the Ongoing WMS. Ongoing is easy to use and the system is very clear and well-functioning for third party logistics", says Johannes Knapas, Sales Manager at Rahtikeskus Oy.

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New - Pick Order Scanning

Pick order scanning is a new feature in Ongoing Warehouse, and is used when picking multiple orders simultaneously (batch picking)

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RST Logistics choose Ongoing

“We are very pleased with Ongoing and that starting up the system has gone so quickly. Ongoing is easy to use and has all the functions we need to offer our clients cost-effective and optimal storage services", says Richard Sæther, CEO of RST Logistics AS.

2016-11-22Read full article

Intelligent use of WMS helps M3 Logistics to attract customers

"For us it is not enough to have an attractive location in Stockholm with modern safety facilities and skilled staff. Smart IT solutions is an important reason why our customers choose us as their logistic provider", says Robert Dawid, CEO of M3 Logistics. 

2016-09-05Read full article

Ongoing WMS helps Olsson Logistics with their international customers!

“After a thorough analysis of the market for WMS-systems we chose Ongoing Warehouse", says Mathias Olsson, CEO of Olssons Logistics. Read the Press Release. 

2016-08-15Read full article

New customers in Saudi Arabia, Italy and Lithuania!

Ongoing Warehouse increases it's global presence with new customers in Saudi Arabia, Italy and Lithuania. Growing need for a web-based WMS especially made for the 3PL-business is boosting the interest – for us - new parts of Europe and the Middle East. 

2016-05-03Read full article

Loadmaster renews itself with web-based WMS!

The Norwegian transport- and logistics company Loadmaster AS has deployed a Web-based WMS (Warehouse Management System) for its storage business. Loadmaster AS uses Ongoing Warehouse that is Scandinavia's leading WMS for 3PL. 

2016-03-02Read full article

Praise from a customer in Germany

One of our international customers, a big logistics provider in Hagen, Germany, is praising Ongoing Warehouse as a WMS for third party logistics. “We really like the system Ongoing Warehouse and are very happy with the features, services and the support", says the Head of Logistics.

2015-01-30Read full article

Ongoing Warehouse grows in Norway

More and more companies in the 3PL-sector in Norway choose Ongoing as their WMS. Read more about one of our Norwegian customers Colliflow in the Norwegian website "Logistikk og Ledelse"

2015-01-19Read full article

Ongoing Warehouse becomes a “Gazelle”

The software company Ongoing Warehouse – specialized in a web-based Warehouse Management System – has been appointed by the Swedish business paper “Dagens Industri” a Gazelle Company. The appointment “Gazelle” goes to the fastest growing companies in Sweden - companies that are masters at both profitable growth and creating new jobs

2014-10-13Read full article

"Cloud based WMS generates new business"

Ongoing Warehouse was featured in an appendix about logistics in the leading Swedish business newspaper "Dagens Industri" (the article is only available in Swedish).

2012-11-12Read full article

RPG Logistics expands its business and invests in new IT-systems

RPG Logistics AB (recently purchased by Ntex), a company providing total solutions within the logistics sector is investing in modern IT-systems to develop their business further.

2012-03-07Read full article

Selector Logistik invests in third party logistics for their E-commerce

The Company Selector Logistik, with extensive experience in logistics management within the demanding B2B marketplace, is strengthening its offering within third-party logistics directed to E-retailers.

2011-11-03Read full article

GP-Last has deployed Ongoing's WMS systems

In February, the transport and logistics company GP-Last AB commissioned a Web-based storage system, also known as a Warehouse Management System (WMS). System supplier is Ongoing Warehouse AB.

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IT systems for coordinated goods distribution helps reduce environmental impact

The logistics company Scandinavian Supply Chain AB, which are predominantly owned by Alwex Transport AB, has been contracted to coordinate the distribution for Växjö municipality. As IT support, a system from the company Ongoing Warehouse AB, is used.

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Web based warehouse system generates new business for Roxtrans AB

The logistics company Roxtrans AB has recently deployed a web-based warehouse system, also known as Warehouse Management System (WMS) by the system supplier Ongoing Warehouse AB.

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Veddesta Distribution AB and its subsidiary Multi Logistik AB deploys Ongoings' WMS system

Veddesta Distribution AB and its subsidiary Multi Logistics AB has started a collaboration with the IT Company Ongoing Warehouse AB. The partnership means that the two logistics companies will be using the Ongoing web-based warehouse management system (known as WMS system) to improve and develop its logistics activities in 3PL and logistics services.

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Flexibility was vital when Almroths chose WMS system

The growing logistics company Almroths Express & Åkeri AB chooses Ongoing Warehouse as WMS system (Warehouse Management System) to better align its logistics solutions to customers' needs.

2011-11-01Read full article