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Cloud-based - Software as a Service

Ongoing Warehouse has since the start back in 2008 been using the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS), a service delivered through the "Cloud". This means that Ongoing handles hosting, updates and maintenance. Our customers access Ongoing WMS by browser on regular computers and handheld devices such as smartphones, ipads, etc.

The concept "Software as a Service" has seen immense growth during the past years. As an appendix to Ongoing Warehouse's agreement with its customers, we use the Swedish IT and Telecom Industries' standard agreement called "Cloud Services, general terms and conditions, version 2014". This appendix is tailored for systems and services that are delivered as so called "cloud-based", "web-based" or "Software as a Service".


Benefits of using Ongoing WMS



It is quick to get started with the system. Our customers - and their customers and partners - think it's an easy-to-use system that is intuitive and easy to learn. Here are some key usability features:



In order to create highly efficient logistics flows, you are able to connect Ongoing WMS with other systems, such as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning systems), web shops and transport systems. The purpose of an integration is to reduce the amount of manual labor, reduce lead times, and reduce the risk of errors. Read more about our integrations here.