Blue Water (DK): "The cost of new customer implementation is much lower than our previous WMS"

Blue Water Shipping

Blue Water Shipping is a global provider of all logistics services in modern supply chain management. The company was founded over 40 years ago and has today more than 60 offices worldwide. Ongoing WMS was selected as their warehouse management system in 2020 and is used in six different warehouse sites.   

Company: Blue Water Shipping, Denmark 

Activities:  All types of fulfillment services.  

How the system is used:  Integrations to customers webshops and ERP systems. Scanning is used for in- and outbound delivery. Blue Water Shipping has many types of customers. For the webshop customers, batchpicking is used. For the food customers, expiration date is used and for the fashon customers, the return functions is used. The functions for finance is also used.  

Greatest benefits: "The most important reason why we choose Ongoing WMS was the simple scanning function that we can use on our existing handscanners, but also gives us the option to upgrade to a more modern type of scanner. Ongoing WMS offers great visibility which our customers also enjoys. The many standard integrations combined with good opportunities to establish new integrations between both webshops and ERP systems, make the cost of new customer implementation much lower than our previous WMS".

Contact: Daniel Mortensen, Head of Warehouse & Logistics at Blue Water Shipping,

Published: 2021-04-08