Ongoing WMS - Web-based SaaS for 3PL Logistics providers and E-commerce

Ongoing Warehouse is a software company based in Sweden which specializes in a web-based WMS for 3PL,  logistics providers and e-commerce companies. 

Ongoing WMS is delivered as a cloud service and is used by hundreds of logistics intensive businesses of all sizes in Scandinavia, Europe and rest of the world. 

Web-based system and business model "Software as a Service"

If you have access to the Internet, you can access the system at any time, from anywhere and from any computer or handset. Different users can access just the information that is relevant to them. Goods owners to third-party logistics can see stock balance, statistics, track their deliveries and more. Software as a Service (SaaS) implies that as a customer you pay a monthly fee per user - no entry fees or complicated installations. Ongoing Warehouse manages operation (hosting) and updates.


Great range of Integrations & APIs

Integrations & APIs

Ongoing Warehouse has created integrations to common software services such as E-commerce systems (webshops), Business Systems, Transport Management Systems (TMS) and Transport Administration (TA) Systems. The system also has a modern API / Interface which enables other parties to easily integrate and build on Ongoing Warehouse WMS as a platform. A large community exists around the system and we will, by the use of external parties, be able to integrate to several systems. With these options, logistics providers can bring even more value to their customers via a transparent and efficient flow of information.

Competent standard system with good features

For several years, the service has been developed in close collaboration with 3PL and warehouse management companies. This means that Ongoing Warehouse today is a highly competent and flexible WMS. The system is standardized which means that customers share development costs in an industry of complex requirements. The WMS is highly configurable to handle different logistics requirements. One point of variation is the extensive system for reserving goods, including reallocations between picking and buffer locations. Of course, FIFO, FEFO and LIFO and other common examples are also handled. There is strong financial functionality for 3PL that solves all ways to charge and invoice your customers for the work you do. Very good scanning capabilities are available as well as great flexibility in using the system with different types of mobile devices.


Quick to get started - easy to use

It is quick to get started with the system. Our customers - and their customers and partners - think it's an easy-to-use system that is intuitive and easy to learn



Over 6000 users handle thousands of order flows in Ongoing WMS daily. Apart from Scandinavia we have customers in more than 20 countries, primarly in Europe. Read what some of our 300 satisfied customers write about us down below.

"The system is easy to integrate to external systems, we use the API to integrate many of our customers ourselves".

”The implementation of Ongoing WMS was extremely fast. We could basically start working with the system right away". 

"With Ongoing WMS we are able to handle all order flows paperless".

"The competent support is super important. They are able to adapt the system according to our needs in just a couple minutes". 

W T Transport Ltd
"Complete visibility to the customer, picking information is available in real time & a great easy to use format".

"Ongoing WMS is easy to use for integrations through API and the necessary adjustments can be done quickly".

“We like Ongoing´s fast and competent employees. Furthermore, the system has a sensible pricing”.

Soft Goat
"There were already integrations to both Centra and our Transport Management System Unifaun".

Video introduction to the WMS

Watch a short video presentation to learn more about the software service. You also find an online demo and other videos about Ongoing WMS here.

Try Ongoing WMS for free

The Warehouse Management System

Ongoing WMS is developed in close cooperation with logistics companies in the 3PL niche and their customers, and has been in actual service at a customer since 2007. As of October 2020 we have about 300 3PL companies as customers in sixteen countries and close to 100 web shops. Approximately 4 000 goods owners' products run in the system daily. 

jonas fredrik engeksla

Boomerang relies on Ongoing's WMS for continues growth in the eCommerce sector!

”Boomerang has enjoyed exceptional growth since 2015 and Ongoing Warehouse has contributed to a great extent...", says Jonas Heinonen CEO Boomerang Distribution OU


The benefits of using the web-based WMS Ongoing Warehouse for 3PL customers

Companies looking for a 3PL logistics provider contact Ongoing Warehouse with questions about the benefits of outsourcing their warehouse handling to a logistics company using our WMS. We have therefore summarized some pros for you in the text below.


Integrate Ongoing WMS with all your adjoining systems!

In order to create highly efficient logistics flows, you may connect Ongoing's web-based WMS with other system, such as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning systems), web shops and transport systems. The purpose of an integration is to reduce the amount of manual labor, reduce lead times, and reduce the risk of errors.

About Ongoing Warehouse

Ongoing Warehouse is a fast-growing, Swedish-based, software company that specialize in a web-based Warehouse Management System for 3PL-companies as well as for companies handling their own warehousing. Our mission is to quickly and easily provide a capable, web-based WMS for the International market.

Latest news

Integration between Ongoing WMS and e-motions

Logistics automation company e-motions has recently made an integration towards Ongoing WMS.

Errors are eliminated and our transportation costs decline since we are able to accurately verify and match package volume metrics to freight invoices”, Says Gustav Jebsen, CEO at 360 Logistics, a Norwegian logistics provider that is using the system combination.   


Integration between Ongoing WMS and VersaFleet TMS

Ongoing WMS integrates with Asia’s leading Transport Management Software (TMS) VersaFleet. Both solutions are complementary to each other and the integration between Ongoing WMS & VersaFleet TMS results in a complete end-to-end logistics management solution. The first company to use this integration is a Malaysian cold chain transporter & 3PL, Frostbyte Logistics.


Shift Electric Mobility AB streamlines their warehouse operations with Ongoing WMS

New customer Shift Electric Mobility AB (Shift) starts using Ongoing WMS. “The implementation was quick and smooth”.


Online store Dear Sam selects Ongoing WMS in order to manage their warehouse operations effectively

Readymade integrations and public API’s make it possible to quickly integrate with Ongoing WMS.

2020-10-21 increases warehouse efficiency with Ongoing WMS

Fast-growing Norwegian online shop starts using Ongoing WMS to increase warehouse efficiency.


Medical supplier Medea Medical selects Ongoing WMS

Medea Medical (Medea) starts using Ongoing WMS to streamline their warehouse- and logistics operations.