What some of our customers say

Below is a selection of some of the customers and what they think about the service.

Ongoing Warehouse AB has 250 logistic companies as clients and a few thousand goods owners products run in the systems daily (May 2019). The customers are small, midsized and large logistics providers - the whole spectrum of sizes. Most of the clients are from Scandinavia and nearby countries, like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Finland. Below you can read more about what some of the customers say.

W T Transport Ltd

W T Transport Ltd

UK based warehouse & transport business, providing complete logistics solutions nationwide

Company: W T Transport Ltd, Northampton, England

Activities:  Warehousing & UK Transport Solutions.

How the system is used: Order fulfillment.

Greatest benefits:  Complete visibility to the customer, picking information available in real time & a great easy to use format.

Contact: Jason Lister, jason@wttransport.com, +44 1604 702090

Börjes Logistik & Spedition

Börjes Logistik & Spedition

Börjes Logistik & Spedition is a successful European carrier and logistics service provider.   Head office in Nybro, Sweden and a German branch office in Erfurt. With our own vehicles, carriers on fixed contracts and a strong, well established network of collaborative partners we have the organization for complicated transport assignments and the expertise to design overall solutions within logistics and forwarding. Third party logistics is produced in five warehouses located in Sweden and Germany.  

Company: Börjes Logistik & Spedition, Nybro, Sweden

Activities:  Transports, logistics, TPL and Dangerous goods

How the system is used: We have over 100 integrations to our customers systems, which has made Ongoing an important part of their supply chains. Most of the integrations are built by us through Ongoing’s open API, and our own system developers wave also build integrations to the automation API for PDAs and tablets. Ongoing is used for handling most of our order flows.

Greatest benefits:  The stability and uptime are something we value, as well as the open API and how flexible the system is.

Contact: Markus Kinnander, Business Manager 3PL, +46(0)709764086, markus.kinnander@borjes.com



With a total of 122,000 m² of different types of hot and cold storage space Kaukokiito is one of Finland’s largest fulfillment providers. They offer all types of logistic services from transports to storing, picking and packaging, but also further processing such as stock records, transport documents, IT services, dispatch tasks, and of course shipment for the next business day almost everywhere in Finland.

Company: Kaukokiito, Tampere, Finnland

Activities:  All types of fulfillment services

How the system is used:  Integrations through the API. Scanning is used for in- and outbound orders.

Greatest benefits:  The system is easy to integrate to external systems, we use the API to integrate many of our customers ourselves. It’s also a flexible WMS that is easy to adjust to our processes and helps us streamline our order flows.

Contact: Jorma Helin, Jorma.helin@kaukokiito.fi


Aditro Logistics

Aditro offers services within 3PL, Staffing, 4PL and Customs. The base is our logistics centers located in Jönköping, Borås, Nykvarn and Kopstad (NO). HQ is located in Stockholm.

Company: Aditro Logistics, Stockholm, Sweden

Activities:  3PL specialized  in Retail, Ecom and Grocery flows

How the system is used: Ongoing WMS is widely used in the business, primarily to streamline our processes within delivery, picking & packing and delivery but also for cross-docking, business monitoring and other logistics processes. The system is of course also used for integration with our customers, and with other parts of our business such as automation solutions, TA and customs systems, label printing according to GS1 etc.

Greatest benefits:  Ongoing WMS is easy to use for integrations and the necessary adjustments can be done quickly. It’s also user-friendly, which speeds up our learning process for the employees

Contact: Niclas Andersson, Niclas.andersson@aditrologistics.com, +46 702 915188

Landriano Hub

Tiesse SPA

Tiesse was formed in 2003 as a business specialized in national transport and, over the years, has assimilated the proficiencies of the other partners established with the company to arrive at its current dimensions.

The care over detail, the intrinsic quality and the expedience of the services is what has always distinguished the activities of the Group with regard to national and international transport, as well as the logistical organization of goods.

We follow our Clients actively and punctually, resolving any type of requirement with services designed and customized on the actual needs of each client.

From the Courier Service to ADR Transport, from the GDO service to Logistics

Tiesse S.p.A. is today a group involved in distribution with its own notable NETWORK, with a fleet of vehicles and a widespread and logistically functional distribution over the national territory, highly specialized in the Large-Scale Retail Trade, in LTL transport, in hotel and catering supplies and ADR transport.

Company: Tiesse Spa, Milano, Italy

Activities:  National and International transport , Logistics. Iata and Fiata Agent , A&O Certified

How the system is used: Tiesse uses the Ongoing WMS for the management of some warehouses linked to important multinational companies

Greatest benefits:  Ongoing wms allows us to manage all the power without using paper. All the phases of the management, from the entry of the goods to their shipment are tracked and managed by the ongoing WMS

Contact: Giovanni Buscarini - ​ Project Management & Key Customer Account, giovanni.buscarini@tiessespa.com, +39 02 58009336


Beco Lager AS

Beco Lager AS was founded in january 2008. The fulfillment warehouse is located in Torpebaugen 8 in Sarpsborg. The location is very central next to the E6, close to the Østfold towns and only 45 minutes from Oslo.

Company: Beco Lager AS, Sarpsborg, Norway

Activities: Fulfillment warehousing for several customers with great product variations.

How the system is used: Ongoing Warehouse is used for order management, inventory control, picking and packing and booking of transport for our customers.

Greatest benefits: The biggest benefit is the standardization. It’s a tool that works for all types of order flows, which makes them more efficient in day to day work. Training for new customers is easier as is onboarding of new customers. FIFO is easily used when needed.

Contact: Roar Olsen, roar@becolager.no, +47 950 36 260

Boomerang Distribution location

"Business concept development for eCommerce fulfillment services"

Boomerang Distribution is a private owned 3PL provider specialized within eCommerce.

Boomerang started to co-operate with Ongoing warehouse in 2015 and have since then implemented more than 100 eCommerce integrations to date ( 2018 )

Boomerang has enjoyed exceptional growth during the above mentioned period and Ongoing warehouse has contributed to a great extent in standardizing our internal processes and providing a scalable system process to support a very dynamic business environment.

Company: Boomerang Distribution OU, Tallinn, Estonia

Activities: eCommerce Third party logistics provider.

How the system is used: Integrations with eCommerce platforms and customers systems. Integrations with transport/ distribution systems. Scanning / barcode, Customers Log-in, and much more. Bulk / picking storage replenishment.

Greatest benefits:  "Integrations, solutions centric and flexible within a changeable business environment"

Contact:  Jonas Heinonen, CEO, phone: +372 53057799, jonas@boomerang.ee

Gustav Jebsen, 360 Logistics AS

"Technology driven 3PL for retailers, wholesale distributors and e-commerce"

360 Logistics is a technology driven 3PL specialized in handling goods for the retailers, wholesale distributors and e-commerce companies. Our modern and clean facilities centrally located in Oslo offers secure and efficient storage for our clients.

360 Logistics was founded in 2018 with the goal of revolutionizing the 3PL sector and fixing the inefficiencies we had experienced ourselves from the established 3PL service providers. Using leading SaaS solutions and our experience from logistics, Nordic entrepreneurship and big four consultancy services.

We believe in putting the client first and provide the ultimate 3PL service by combining classical 3PL with value-added services such as robotics driven accounting, consultancy services and website development through tried and tested partners.

Company: 360 Logistics AS, Oslo, Norway

Activities:  Third party logistics provider for retailers, wholesale distributors and e-commerce.

How the system is used: As a WMS with integrations to most ERPs and e-commerce platforms in the Nordic market. We utilize Ongoing to the maximum extent from handling POs, receipt of goods, inventory management, order handling, pick & pack, and integration to TA systems. Our business is truly paperless.

Greatest benefits:  Technology driven, 4PL level of service including 3PL, website development, accounting and more, located within the city of Oslo, specialized for consumer products.

Contact:  Gustav Jebsen, gustav@360logistics.no, +47 48288268, www.360logistics.no


"Flexible WMS that is easy to integrate with our customers systems"

Alwex Lager & Logistik AB is part of the Alwex Group and aims to help businesses streamline their logistics flows by offering all kinds of logistics services from its logistic center in Växjö, Sweden. The company has over 54 000 m2 warehouse space as well as cold storage facilities. The company started using Ongoing 2011 and is now using the system for large amount of customers. 

Company: Alwex lager & Logistik AB, Sweden

Activities: Third party logistics and cross-docking.

How the system is used: Integrations with customers systems. Scanning / barcode for effective handling of food logistics and other goods.

Greatest benefit: Integrations with customers systems. Transport companies connect directly to the storage system and streamline the flow of goods.

Contact: Billy Ydefjäll, CEO, billy.ydefjall@alwex.se


"Combination of web-based and easy to integrate is great!"

M3 Logistics is a fast growing third party logistics provider in Stockholm. M3 Logistics started using Ongoing Warehouse 2009 and has step-by-step increased the usage of the system. Today, the system is used for handling of a large number of demanding customers such as Odd Molly, Hunky Dory and Profoto. 

Company: M3 Logistics

Activities: Logistics Provider in Stockholm

How the system is used: Integrations with customers systems. Scanning / barcode, Serial number, Customers Log-in, etc.

Greatest benefits:  "Integrations with customers systems. Flexibility, which means that the system quickly can be adjusted to our customers needs and demands. Customer log-in is a great benefit"

Contact:  Robert Dawid, CEO, tel: +46 (0)8 410 423 23, robert@m3logistics.se 

Rune Wright Lia, Colliflow AS

“Usually the time spent between receiving an order until it is picked and sent is just a few minutes”

"Our mission is to provide professional logistics and optimize the flow of goods for everyone", says Rune Wright Lia at Colliflow. With expertise in third-party logistics, Colliflow has the mission to become the best alternative for small- and middle-sized e-businesses. The company was established in 2013 in Skien, Norway and as of today they have about 30 customers.

Company: Colliflow AS, Skien, Norway

Activities: Third party logistics for e-commerce businesses.

How the system is used: To automate and streamline the warehouse management. Via seamless integration with most ERP and and e-commerce systems it decreases the manual labor and decreases time from order to delivery.

Greatest benefit: “Rapidity! Automated flow of goods and orders, thanks to the integrations with our customers, makes us able to pick and deliver very quickly. Often, just a few minutes after the end-customer has ordered something in the e-commerce he receives a confirmation that the order has been shipped and a tracking ID.

Contact: Rune Wright Lia, CEO at Colliflow AS

Accelerator's business facility

"..giving us the ability to be transparent and open to our customers"

Accelerator AS is a Norwegian privately held company with a wide offer within third-party logistics. Accelerator started working with Ongoing Warehouse in 2014 and appreciates the cloud service. The company uses the WMS for a wide range of goods. From fast-moving consumer goods to food and large machines. The company offers their services to both companies working with B2B and B2C.

Company: Accelerator AS, Skjetten, Norway

Activities: Third-party logistics

How the system is used: To simplify and improve the efficiency of logistics and visualize the order processing to their customers.

Greatest benefits: “All items are scanned into locations, with key features that support FiFo / FeFo, and batch number. As Accelerator AS serves as a customs warehouse for some customers, Ongoing Warehouse also has enabled us to scan articles into the warehouse directly related to goods numbers. Our customers are offered the opportunity for easy access in our online inventory management system, which simplifies the overview for our customers, giving us the ability to be transparent and open to our customers as they can track their goods down to order and article level”

Contact: Martine Dørmænen, Produkt-/logistikkansvarlig


"It´s important for us to adjust our operations to our clients needs"

Almroths is a family-owned logistics provider with 80 years of experience. The company offers creative and profitable logistics solutions for it customers. Almroths deployed Ongoing Warehouse 2011 and today the company runs their large 3PL-operations in the system, with a large number of clients and users. 

Company: Almroths Express och Åkeri Aktiebolag, Sweden 

Activities: Transport & Logistics Provider

How the system is used: Integrations with customers systems. Scanning / barcode, Customers Log-in, etc. We use the system for all our 3PL-services. 

Greatest benefits:  "The WMS is a flexible system and it is easy to adjust the system to our customers different needs and demands. Its fast and easy for both us and the team at Ongoing to do the changes that are necessary.

Contact:  Emil Swenson, Almroths Express & Åkeri AB, +46 (0)11-368076, emil@almroths.se

Klimattransport lager

Tempcon Group

Tempcon Group is a concern existing of a group of Swedish transport and logistics companies specialized in temperate goods. Tempcon is one of the Nordic leaders in its niche of temperate transports and warehousing. In the past months, two of the companies within Tempcon group have chosen Ongoing WMS as their warehouse management system. Both of the companies are in the area of transport and warehouseing of tempered goods.

Company: Tempcon Group, Sweden

Activities:  3PL & Transport Solutions for temperate goods.

How the system is used: Order fulfillment, picking and packing, scanning and integrations. 

Greatest benefits:  "Ongoing WMS has integrations to our customers ERP-systems and web shops. Ongoing WMS also have integration to the transport system Unifaun that we use. This makes our warehouse operation run efficiently since much administrative work becomes eliminated", says Mats Söderström, CEO Klimat-Transport & Logistik AB

Contact: Mats Söderström, CEO Klimat-Transport & Logistik AB - mats.soderstrom@klimat-transport.se

Skärmbild (69)

"In general, every process has been more efficient”

Online retailer Didriksons was founded over a hundred years ago at Grundsund, a small fishing village at the Swedish west coast. Now, Didriksons is one of Scandinavia’s leading brands for outerwear, specializing in jackets that protect people from all kinds of harsh weather conditions. 

Company: Didriksons, Sweden, Borås

Activities: Ecommerce 

How the system is used: Ongoing WMS is used for picking batch, manage orders and inorders. We also use integration to our ERP and transportsystem. 

Greatest benefits: ”The implementation of Ongoing WMS went extremely fast. We could basically start working in the system right away. In general, every process has been more efficient”, says Madeleine Törnvall, Head of Supply Chain at Didriksons 

Contact:  Madeleine Törnvall, Head of Supply Chain at Didriksonsmadeleine.tornvall@didriksons.com

Bild PM Arla foods

"The system is easy to use and contribute to an efficient workflow in our warehouse"

Arla Foods is a Swedish based company, most known for their milk production all around Sweden and Europe. Arla Foods was founded in the end of the 1900-century. They started producing and selling milk in Stockholm and has expanded ever since. Year 2000 they merged with Danish MA Foods and became, from former Arla, Arla Foods.

Company: Arla Foods

Activities: Dairy producer and Commercial operations. 

How the system is used: Integrations with transportsystem. Scanning / barcode, picking batch, etc. Arla uses the system for their commerical warehouse. 

Greatest benefits:  "Integrations are important for us. The system is easy to use and contribute to an efficient workflow in our warehouse"

Contact:  Andreas Nordh, Instore solutions manager at Arla Foods - anord@arlafoods.com.

DDP Sverige

DDP Sverige

DDP Sverige AB is a 3PL company with warehousing in Sweden and Denmark specializing in fulfilment for e-commerce.

Company: DDP Sverige, Höör, Sweden

ActivitiesThird-party logistics with a focus on e-commerce with flexible solutions for e.g. enveloping, printing of marketing materials, repackaging, production etc.

How the system is used:   We use Ongoing to streamline the daily work and minimize manual work by the integrations with web shops, transport systems and ERP-systems. Even the customers without integration feel great security in the user-friendly customer login.

Greatest benefits:  With the help of Ongoing WMS, we can minimize the paperwork and quickly follow up on returns, deliveries and other statistics. The system can be customized to each customer, and this has been important, since no order flow is the same.

Contact: Amanda Svenonius, amanda@ddp.as, 072 33 92 112

"A web-based WMS that is very easy to use for both us and our customers"

GP-Last started to use Ongoing Warehouse in the beginning of 2011. GP-Last is one of Swedens largest transport companies. Third party logistics is a growing part of the companys business. 

Company: GP-Last

Activities: Transportation & Third Party Logistics
How the system is used: Integrations with customers systems. Scanning / barcode, Customers Log-in, etc. We use the system for all our 3PL-services. 
Greatest benefits:  "Very easy to use for both us and our customers. Web-based system is a must for us and our customers. Exeptional fast to get the system going"

Contact:  Catarina Isacsson, sales & Logistics GP-Last


"The system generates more customers"

Roxtrans mission is to provide customer focused logistics and warehousing services. Our 3PL business is growing and we rely on our WMS, Ongoing Warehouse,  to give our customers the best service and information possible. To be able to offer a well thought out WMS is probably our most valuable customer advantage. 

Company: Roxtrans AB

Activities: Large central warehouse in Linköping.
How the system is used: Warehouse management and EDI links.
Greatest benefits: "Enhanced our offering to customers and increased sales by 100%. Ongoing is our most valuable customer advantage"

Contact: Hasse Gustafsson, CEO
Phone: +46 708-276175
Email: hans@roxtrans.se


"We got better control of our business and more efficient 3PL-operations"

Storex is a family owned third party logistics provider with warehouses in Gothenburg and Stockholm. To get better control and more efficient warehouse handling, the company switched WMS to Ongoing Warehouse in 2011. Since then the company has grown rapidly and uses the system extensively for all customers. 

Company: Storex Aktiebolag, Sweden

Activities: Third party logistics provider.

How the system is used: Integrations with customers systems. Integrations with transport/ distribution systems. Scanning / barcode, Customers Log-in, and much more.

Greatest benefits:  "Seamless electronic communication from customers system, to WMS and further on to transport/distribution"

Contact:  Freddie Gunnarsson, Business Development at Storex AB, tel: +46 (0)705-90 91 33, freddie.gunnarsson@storex.se